Monday, February 2, 2009

Wow, this blogging is really complicated for someone who is not computer savvy. I posted the pictures of brass sconces that my mom gave me and I wanted to ask for your opinions, but I couldn't figure out where to include the text. Anyway, I'm trying to decide whether or not to paint the brass or leave them in their original state. If I paint it will be either black or bronze. I've caught the spray paint bug and I've done a few other pieces, but I can't decide about these. Any thoughts?


  1. Hi Nina! It took me two full days to figure out how to create a blog! All you have to do is click and then type either above the photos or below the photos. There's a little blinking black line where the text will start! :-) If I can spare anyone the trouble I had, I will! lol Where will you use the sconces? I would think it would depend on what you are using with them. Either way is good! Have a great evening...Debbie

  2. PS...I'm a retired teacher ...after 34 years!

  3. I would probably paint them because I no longer care for the brass gold color in my doesn't go with what I"ve done. But if it goes with all your redone things, and you like them, keep it the way you like it. You could do some Rub n Buff if you aren't sure you want to totally go with black. I do like the idea of the bronze look!


  4. Hi Nina,

    You are doing very well with your blog! I'm just now doing my own posts. My husband helped me so much in the beginning I think he felt like it was his blog. LOL!

    They are beautiful hurricanes as is. I love the scroll and the etched glass. Very pretty.

    Have a wonderful evening.
    ~Melissa :)


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