Sunday, January 11, 2009

Deleting a post made in error

Could anyone reading this tell me how to delete a post made in error to my blog? Is there someplace that I could go to learn the basics of blogging?


  1. Hi Nina! I saw you stopped by my blog today!:) Now a couple of things - first the only way I know how to delete a post is if you are signed in on your own blog and you click on Dashboard - it should bring you to a spot were you can edit your posts & on the far right side there will be a delete button on each post. Or you can get to that by clicking on 'New Post' - let that open up and you will see a button to 'Edit Posts' - click that and it should show you the lists of your all your posts. I bet there is a tutorial on Blogger - just not sure how you get there! If I find out - I will let you know! Okay - the next thing is that you mentioned the screen in my dining/liv room. If you can get back to my blog and find my "archives" on the sidebar - go to 2008 and it's my Nov 5 post also titled " A Little Project" didn't know I had already used that title! it's the same one as today's chair post! But it shows you how I made the screen. Or another way to find it - sorry this is becoming a book - is get back to my blog and type in "A Little Project" in the white box on the left top corner and hit "Search Blog" and it will come up with 3 posts - the last one should be the screen. Let me know if you get there! Thanks again for you nice comments & stopping by. Good luck with any future projects & blogging!:) ~ Laurie

  2. On your dashboard, go where it says "Edit Post". On your right hand there is a "Delete" buttom, click there and delete... thanks for stopping by the house in the roses... ;)


  3. Hi Nina,

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.


  4. Hi Nina, thanks for stopping by my blog.....there are some tutorials......let me go figure out how to tell you to get there....I'll be back.


  5. ok, when you sign in, you should have a word "dashboard" on the top to click on...I guess you know that if you've posted. When you go to your dashboard, there should be three tabs on the lower part of the page....Blogs I'm Following, Blogger Buzz, and Blogs of Note. Click on Blogger Buzz, and you should get a menu of choices, one of which is video tutorials......should help some. Good luck!


  6. Hi Nina, Thanks for stopping by. I hope you get your blog going. Sorry my response is so late....I'm just getting used to this myself.
    Do you teach French? Linda (aka Nana, Nina)

  7. Hi Nina, :)
    I'm looking forward to your first post.
    I have you on my blog list ready to see your new postings.

    Thank you for following mine.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    ~Melissa :)


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